What is DeFi and How does it work?


The Professional Master’s Degree Blockchain Programming of TECH trains computer scientists to successfully manage the digital financial culture.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) becomes fundamental to the functioning of the financial services system on the blockchain network; however, it should not be confused with cryptocurrencies. This means that the users themselves exchange (offer and demand) financial assets and services directly among themselves, without intermediaries, to be used as an investment or financing mechanism. In this way, the Professional Master’s Degree Blockchain Programming delves into this aspect of blockchain and its new applications.

To understand how decentralized finance works, one must first understand the environment in which it runs, which is the use of blockchain that remove the need for government agencies to approve transactions, in other words, they use this technology to store and transfer assets digitally, ensuring compliance with the agreements by all parties involved thanks to smart contracts. There are a few risks and rewards associated with the use of DeFi, which can be found below:

  • Benefits:
    • Real-time transactions with increased transparency, DeFi interest rates are updated several times per minute.
    • Increased transparency of transactions because account activity can be publicly traded and verified by other users within the network.
    • Save on transaction fees and other costs of traditional financial services.
    • Interest rates can be obtained more quickly compared to traditional financial institutions.
    • Store smart contracts between parties in a public database on the blockchain that only closes when the conditions described in the digital agreement are met.
    • Scheduled smart contracts ensure automatic execution of agreement conditions.
    • Users who want to view and edit the source code do not need special authorizations.
  • Risks:
    • Fear of losing or shutting down system funds.
    • Hacking is a serious threat because sophisticated hackers can detect vulnerabilities and break into the system.
    • The system can malfunction if there are bugs or error codes in the blockchain programming.
    • Unique codes, such as personal keys, are necessary to secure the account, the loss of which can mean loss of access to funds.
    • Loss of value of crypto-assets used as collateral can cause a position to be liquidated.

On the other hand, there are some differences between DeFi and cryptocurrencies, as, the value of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin is stored within its own blockchain. On the other hand, DeFi is a conceptual marketplace that offers various cryptocurrencies on the Ethereum network, in this way, with DeFi, cryptocurrency holders can lend their digital coins and earn interest on them.

Professional Master’s Degree Blockchain Programming

TECH Technological University created this program by considering the popularization of the internet, the development of the microprocessor, the invention of the World Wide Web, and blockchain technology which allow performing transactions and operations. For that reason, it has the aim of training computer scientist to strengthen its technological skills, learn in depth the new concepts, and explore new job opportunities such as cryptocurrencies.

In addition to the above, the third technological revolution brought with it many advances that improved the quality of life for people around the world since the digital environment has eased processes such as purchases, bureaucratic procedures, communications, and bank transfers. Also, cryptocurrencies and blockchain appeared which is a chained data structure that record information related to economic process without the need for the intervention of a third party, data storage in the cloud, data logging and verification, monitoring of a supply chain, among many other elements.

Considering this, it is the new orientation for developers, programmers, and engineers, therefore, the institution covers all necessary topics such as blockchain technology, technologies involved, cyberspace security, DeFi and NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens), legal implications, public development, Ethereum, Stellar, Polkadot, architecture design, corporate development, planning, among other contents that will prepare students to face complex situations in this field.

Re-Learning method

The Professional Master’s Degree Blockchain Programming of TECH are developed entirely online. During the 12 months of training, the student has access to the program’s contents at any time and from any device, allowing them to self-manage the study time with maximum flexibility and adapt to each student’s schedule.

It has its own learning method, ‘Re-Learning’, based on asynchrony and self-management. The contents are presented in an attractive and dynamic way in multimedia capsules that include audio, videos, images, diagrams, and conceptual maps to corroborate knowledge.

TECH Technological University

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Thanks to its fully digital learning system, it supplies training to students from anywhere in the world. An international trajectory has allowed it to become a benchmark in distance learning, with a catalogue of over 10,000 programs, over 100,000 new students each year, and 500,000 graduates from over 150 countries.

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